5th Element

According to Zulu Nation, the 5th element of Hip Hop is Knowledge, Culture and Overstanding. Its the reason why we are who we are today, where our roots come from and where we will be in the future. How do we take the artistic expression of Hip Hop and find our purpose in LIFE, and SHARE! Bana Mutibwa expresses the 5th element by educating the next generation about Hip Hop culture especially the element of MCing. Bana Mutibwa also shares the 5th element through tackling conscious topics when Mcing.

Rap Class at Hip Hop Boot Camp

An initiative under Uganda’s Youth and Hip Hop. A Bayimba foundation/Platinum Entertainment partnership which was Funded/supported by The Royal Danish Embassy & Centre for Culture & Dev’t (CKU).


My Song: Walk to Work

In April 2011, when Ugandans began ditching their cars and public transport to protest disputed elections and rising food and gas prices, Bana Mutibwa was getting inspired. The Ugandan rapper wrote the song ‘Walk to work’ for the same-named movement led by opposition leader Kizza Besigye.

Unlike the actual demonstrations that led to a security crackdown leaving several dead and many more injured, ‘Walk to work’, the track, is a peaceful protest. In this video edition of My Song, Bana Mutibwa talks about his artistic contribution to society, which he hopes will resonate for years to come.

Producer: Serginho Roosblad
Filmed and edited by Sandesh Bhugaloo

My Song is produced by the Africa Desk at Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

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