Bana Mutibwa is a Hip Hop activist who represents and stands for Hip Hop in Uganda. The activist in me advocates for issues such as democracy, human rights, and freedom. Hip Hop in luganda is the medium for my advocacy. I am a 2011 Music and Entertainment Young Achievers Award” winner, a co-founder and member of the Luga Flow Army, which is a rap group that fronts for and protects the uniqueness of rapping and emceeing in local languages. Bana Mutibwa is commonly known for the 2016 counter-freestyle song Tetubonga Nawe, which was a direct reply to an all-starz song in support of the Ugandan President (Who has been in power for over 30 years). In Tetubonga Nawe, I call out directly all artists who supported President Museveni as hypocrites and unpatriotic. You can listen to this viral song on the link below





Bana Mutibwa utilizes rap in the local luganda language to advocate for the aforementioned, hence the slogan ”The Luga-Flow Revolutionary Human Rights Activist”. My controversial luganda rhymes are also displayed in songs such as Walk to Work, Nebwogakaaba, Twekalakasa, Enkyuka Kyuka, Ndi Kumaviivi and Revolutionary Bars, among others. On 12/12/12, I released my first CD “Uganda Passport” the mixtape, packaged with messages of a Ugandan dreaming of becoming a global citizen. You can access the CD on all online music selling platforms such as spotify and itunes. Bana Mutibwa is currently based in the Scandinavian, working on an album entitled “Soldier of the Year”

Furthermore, he is the former ambassador of the global End of the Weak movement, which works towards Hip Hop music & cultural improvement. Bana Mutibwa has indeed played a major role in the entire Ugandan Hip Hop scene, since he spearheaded the organisation of the first ever International Hip Hop Festival in Uganda, which attracted artists from all over the world.

Bana Mutibwa has among others performed in Kenya, Tanzania, Germany, France, Denmark and Czech Republic. He has opened up for artists such as Emmanuel Jal, Mzungu Kichaa and shared the stage with other world renowned Hip Hop artists like Kendrick lamar, Dela Soul, Big Daddy Kane, Prago Union among others. His music has been shared by the top political opposition leaders in Uganda, such as Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine. On this homepage you can browse through some of Bana Mutibwa’s projects.

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